Comper Healthcare
April 22, 2018

Comper Healthcare Ovulation Thermometer Now Available on Amazon

Comper Healthcare Ovulation Thermometer Now Available on Amazon
Smart Technology Fertility Tracker Elevates Chances of Conception
Comper Healthcare has recently announced that their app-based Smart Fertility Tracker has debuted.  What began as a Kickstarter campaign how now successfully transitioned into an innovative new fertility product that is available on Amazon.  The ovulation thermometer is designed to help increase the chance of pregnancy for couples who are finding conception to be a challenge.
“We are absolutely thrilled to make the new Smart Fertility Tracker available to the public,” stated a Comper Healthcare representative.  “It is exciting to be a part of such state-of-the-art technology such as this ovulation thermometer device that we anticipate will help couples bring new lives into the world.  It is very rewarding to see our product come full circle so now, after having a successful Kickstarter campaign featuring the Smart Fertility Tracker, we can witness the best part - the conceptions made possible because of it.”
The Fertility Tracker is an app based thermometer that assists in pinpointing the most optimal time in a woman’s cycle for conception to occur.  It is quick, convenient and amazingly precise.  By simply holding the thermometer under the tongue for three minutes or less, a read out is displayed. 
The information is then relayed to the app where the tracking is done and where the ultimate conception timing is indicated.  There is no need to clean the thermometer.  It sterilizes itself.
Comper Healthcare realizes the importance of a healthy diet and fitness regime in the process of conception so the Smart Fertility Tracker comes complete with advice on exercise and nutrition in the Comper Algorithm system.  With couples becoming increasingly busy and stressed as well, the tracker as well as the advice are intended to educate and to take stress off couples who are trying to have a baby.
Comper Healthcare is a Beijing, China based leading independent healthcare and technology company that specializes in developing high end medical devices that truly benefit people such as the Fertility Tracker that is now available for purchase online.  Portable ultrasound fetal monitors and ultra-thin Smart Fitness weighing scales are among the other helpful products the company has designed.
Comper Healthcare is a finalist in the CES Best of Baby Tech Awards.  Their appropriate motto for the Smart Fertility Tracker is “Seize the Day”.
To find out more about the Smart Fertility Tracker or to learn more about Comper Healthcare, visit the company website at