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July 09, 2018

Comper launching the new smart forehead thermometer on Kickstarter

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Comper Launching its second Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for it's Innovative Smart Forehead Thermometer
Leading technology and healthcare provider, Comper, has announced launching a new Smart Forehead Thermometer, designed to make taking a temperature as easy as possible, taking only a brief second.

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Every detail of its design has been thought through, from its simple and rugged design to its easy to use controls. Each measurement is highly accurate, with only 0.2º margin of error.
When connected to the Comper Health App, it’s possible to track any number of individual’s temperature measurements, making it suitable for any family, from large to small. It is even suitable for use by medical professionals, so that each client or patient can be tracked individually. The app combines temperature information from the Thermometer with body type and composition, weight, and exercise frequency to build a fitness model for each person. The thermometer will take into account the patient’s age and their expected temperature when tracking data, whether they are a newborn, baby, toddler, child, adolescent, or adult. Readings can also be easily shared with your doctor or medical professional.
The Comper Forehead Thermometer is an easy-to-use method of monitoring your family’s health that is entirely safe and non-invasive.

Safe and Sophisticated Design

Like all Comper products, our Forehead Thermometer meet all the requirements for the Restriction for Hazardous Substances regulations defined by the European Union. That means that is made from non-toxic materials that are completely safe to use for patients of any age. It is also easily portable and long-lasting, able to take 600 measurements on a single charge. When not in regular use, it will last 750 days without recharging.
While it offers unprecedented depth of health monitoring when paired with the Comper Health App, the Forehead Thermometer can be used on its own. The easy to read LED display shows the temperature of each reading. In addition to that, 32 measurements can be stored on the thermometer without connecting to a smartphone or the app.
We’ve proven that we can successfully complete a Kickstarter campaign and deliver to all of our backers. When you make a pledge, you can be confident that you’ll receive your reward, getting what we promised and what you expect: a smart thermometer that takes a reading in moments and allows you to track your family’s health over the long term. With a larger pledge, you’ll receive several thermometers, enough to supply a small or large medical practice. Comper is committed to providing the tools so you can keep your family healthy and happy.
The company
Founded in 2014, Comper Healthcare is the first independent manufacturer of Smart healthcare devices which harness the benefits of artificial intelligence within the healthcare industry.  Comper’s mission is to promote better lifestyles through better healthcare for individuals and families.
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